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A Church with a heart for Ministry

     The acts of Christian service which lead men, women and children into the fellowship with Jesus Christ is considered ministry. To ensure the spiritual life of the church is maintained and the power of godliness is preserved, a divine call to the work of ministry shall be exhibited by the church.  

     At The People’s Church we have many ministries that assist in serving God, his people and his Church. It is our goal for each member to find a ministry that is the perfect fit for their spiritual and mental growth.


Questions about any of our ministries please contact us at


Christian Education

     The Christian Education Ministry is a vital arm of the church, they are responsible for interpreting, guiding, and developing members in the Christian ways of life in accordance with the policies and procedures of the AME Zion Connection. 

ACE / Ages: 41 and up
YACM / Ages: 22-40
Youth / Ages: 13-21
Children / Ages: 1-12

Church School


     The Church School Ministry is to provide a setting in which the Church can uniquely reach and teach people of all ages and from all walks of life about  Jesus Christ.


We serve as the “connecting point” for many ministries within the church.

Class Leaders


     The Class Leaders Ministry serve in the capacity of sub-pastors to those members in their class. Class leaders assist the Pastor with New Members Classes, the Right Hand of Fellowship ceremony, and Super Sundays.

Their main concern is how each member of their class is spiritually growing in the body of Christ.

Health & Wellness     


     The Health and Wellness Ministry provides information to promote awareness of health issues that impact the church and the community. This ministry attends to medical issues with compassion and a calm nature to soothe any person in need until external medical attention arrives.

Lay Council


     The purpose of the Lay Council Ministry is to deepen the spiritual life of the laity; disseminate information, cultivate the denominational loyalty, expand the denomination through education and evangelism, and promote any other interest of the kingdom of God.

Intercessory Prayer     


     The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is committed to teaching and preaching the entire counsel of God without constraint or deterrence. Our objective is to teach and minister to the entire church the power and purpose of prayer.


Community Outreach     


     The Community Outreach Ministry partners with various organizations and agencies to address issues that threaten or reduce Syracuse’s and neighboring areas’ ability to sustain a positive thriving community. 



     The Recreation Ministry is responsible for the management of recreational events in the church. They utilize the athletic and recreation arena as an instrument to train, equip, lead, and disciple youth of the church and community to be Ambassadors for the Kingdom. 



     The Multimedia Ministry is responsible for the management of the audio and video equipment and services of the church. They are responsible for providing and maintaining recordings of Sunday worship experiences and selected church events as requested. This ministry also manages the sales of recordings and other promotional materials.




     The Music Ministry supports the mission and vision of the church by leading various creative expressions of praise. Their mission is to prepare God’s people to receive His word. 

Mass Choir
Male Chorus
Praise Team
Dance Ministry
Mime Ministry



     The Trustee Ministry is responsible for the care and maintenance and security of church properties. They initiate and coordinate the church’s improvement projects to maintain order and proper decorum to be observed throughout God’s house of worship.



     The Ushers’ Ministry serves as the doorkeepers for God’s house of worship. Our ushers manage the flow of the congregation as well as the collection of church tithes and offerings and maintain the general organization and upkeep of the sanctuary.

Women of Zion    


     The Women of Zion Ministry seeks to lead women into a personal relationship with Christ. Wherever a woman may be on her spiritual journey, the Women of Zion sisterhood will be a trusted friend; taking her by the hand, walking by her side, and leading her closer to the heart of God.

     The Women of Zion empowers, cultivates fellowship and sisterly love through various activities that highlight the unique aspects of womanhood.



     The Steward Ministry is led by the Pastor’s Preacher Steward. He/She with the support of the ministry are to see that all necessary provisions are made for the temporal comfort of our Pastor and his/her family.



     The Deaconess Ministry is appointed by the Pastor to encourage, foster, and improve the general church through ministry. They are to assist the Pastor with the preparing of the Lord’s Table and the baptizing of the saints. The appointment to deaconess is a consecrated office.

Generation to Generation

     The Generation to Generation Ministry is designed to help our seasoned saints (55+) continue to develop their relationship with God and grow spiritually through various social, spiritual and informative activities that are geared specifically for them in an enjoyable and relaxed setting.

Garden & Landscape

     The Garden & Landscape Ministry  focuses on beautifying God’s house internally as well as externally. This ministry assures that the pulpit and other areas are equipped with the flowers necessary to beautify the worship space. They also assist the Trustee Ministry with the beautification of the church grounds.

Culinary Arts

      The Culinary Arts Ministry manages the operations and services of the church’s kitchen. This ministry serves meals as requested for church events, meetings, and other church functions like funerals, anniversary celebrations and weddings. 

Penny Brigade


     The Penny Brigade Ministry collects funds to help support the mission of the conference. With the assistance of the children of the church, loose change is collected every 4th Sunday.

Women's Home & Overseas Missionary Society    


The Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society mission is to make disciples through promoting growth in the Knowledge and understanding of God, providing experiences for participation in mission work and winning others to Christ.


Parent Body / Age: 41 and up
YAMS / Age: 22-40
Y’s / Age: 13-21
Bud’s / Ages: 1-12
Supply / All Ages
Life Members  / All Ages

Central Budget   


     The Central Budget Ministry provides financial fitness for church operations and overview of funds. They prepare the annual budget for approval by the membership. They also monitor the income and expenses and provide yearly contribution statements.



     The Greeters’ Ministry welcome everyone into God’s house in a spirit-filled warm positive manner that allows each guest to be open to receiving a message of hope and healing through the preached word.

Brothers of Gideon    


     The Brothers of Gideon Ministry is People’s Men’s Ministry in which every male church member is automatically a ministry member. Brothers of Gideon educate and support each other with individual and collective God-given gifts and talents.      They have the opportunity to develop quality relationships among one another and learn to apply the Word of God in every area of their lives.



     The primary role of the Stewardess Ministry is to welcome, love, and support our Pastor and his or her family. They are to assist with the purchase of any specific needs of the Parsonage.

Home Missions    


     The Home Missions Ministry follows Jesus direction by spreading the gospel to the people. They seek to support the needs of the Local church by promoting spiritual interests in the church and using its resources to financially support the local and connectional church when needed.


     The Bereavement Ministry is a small group who assist those who have lost a loved one. At the time of a death, a home visit is usually made to help the family with the planning process (services, selection of music, and prep of church documentation. Time is spent in prayer and dialogue to learn more about the person who died and assist with any needs of the family. 



     The Transportation Ministry provides a safe mode of transportation to and from worship services and activities. This ministry monitors and maintains the church van to ensure it is in satisfactory operating condition at all times.

Harriet Tubman Worker    

     The Harriet Tubman Workers Ministry oversees our annual Harriet Tubman Pilgrimage. They raise funds to support the Harriet Tubman Home located in Auburn, New York. Every year they pick, nurture and guide our Ms. Harriet Tubman contestant to insure that The People’s Church is well represented and the legacy of Harriet Tubman is followed.


Birthday Club    


This ministry is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the birthdays of members of the church. Birthdays are highlighted monthly.

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