Multimedia Ministry:

The Multimedia Ministry is responsible for the management of the audio and video equipment and services of the church. They are responsible for providing and maintaining recordings of Sunday worship experiences and selected church events as requested. This ministry also manages the sales of recordings and other promotional materials.


Ministry Meeting Schedule: contact ministry leader for schedule

Recreation Ministry:

This ministry is responsible for the management of recreational events in the church. They utilize the athletic and recreation arena as an instrument to train, equip, lead, and disciple youth of the church and community to be Ambassadors for the Kingdom. They assist other ministries as requested with athletic activities and the allocation and use of the church’s recreational equipment and gym.


Ministry Meeting Schedule: Every Tuesday from 4:00 -8:00 pm

Community Outreach Ministry:

The Community Outreach Ministry partners with various organizations and agencies to address issues that threaten or reduce Syracuse’s and neighboring areas’ ability to sustain a positive thriving community. It provides a means for People’s to remain informed about and participate in activities that promote a safe and healthy living environment.


Meeting Schedule: contact ministry leader for schedule